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Incredible Charts Provide Crystal Clear Perspective

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If you’re a chart lover, you’ve found your newest best friend.

Our charts allow you to visualize opportunity with incredible clarity in a way no other options program can match. That’s because we have options-based indicators no other options program has.


Not only do we have proven-to-work indicators no one else has, our database contains more than 16 years of history. You can clearly see how the various indicators performed over the course of several market cycles.

Offering you access to secrets like this is what gives ODDS OptionApps an almost insurmountable edge.

10-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

With ODDS OptionApps, you can chart the following indicators:

  • Implied Volatility – plot terms from one month to six months

  • Historical Volatility – plot terms from two weeks to five years

  • Skew (Unique to ODDS OptionApps)

  • Term Structure (Unique to ODDS OptionApps)

  • Option Volume – totals and put/call ratios

  • Open Interest – totals and put/call ratios

  • Correlation

  • Implied Borrow Rate (Unique to ODDS OptionApps, this powerful indicator alone is worth the price of the software)

  • Probability (Unique to ODDS OptionApps)

  • Volatility Cones

“It’s So Freaking Easy To Use” – Joe B.


All charts are fully functional on any computer and mobile device. You are always connected. All charts come with video tutorials in the program itself, so if you have a question, just touch the blue question mark and we’ll show you how to use that particular feature.


Limited Offer – Only $995 Annually & 10-Day Trial!

While the charts do work on smartphones, the real estate space is limited by the size of the device.