Ideas and Scans

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Discover Opportunity, Then Profit



Profiting from options trading is all about profiting from opportunity — you’ve got to find places where opportunity exists. That’s where ODDS OptionApps excels beyond any other options program in existence.

It Only Takes 20-Seconds To Make Options Easy!

It’s All About Quality

One of the biggest criticisms of financial market software is reliability. There are thousands of performance claims, but where is the proof that those claims can be trusted? ODDS OptionApps is different. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we take authenticated, peer-reviewed options research and verify it ourselves. Then we program it into our ultra-fast servers so that everything is efficient and exact… And valid. The results are statistically proven in ways that are far more rigorous than normal back-testing. And you get the results in seconds with one simple push of a button.


The reliability of this scientific method is superior to any other form of analysis. The equations are complex, which is why our expertise is crucial to success. But with our team of expert computer geeks, we’ve made it push-button simple so you can get right to work.

3- Bonus Items Valued at Over $600!


With ODDS OptionApps, you can:

  • Instantly scan the entire universe of optionable stocks, ETFs and indexes.

  • Gain access to the world’s most advanced options database

  • Pinpoint what stocks are poised for profits

  • Scan using academically proven trading methods

  • All it takes is a few seconds.

You can also customize scans to suit your own particular strategies. All it takes is a few more clicks, then the press of a button.


We’ve even included several proprietary scans of which most traders have never even heard. It’s a level of sophistication that is only available in ODDS OptionApps.

Whether you want push-button simplicity, or unmatched power and flexibility, ODDS OptionApps has the scanning tools you need.