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We have created powerful and easy-to-use software for both professional  and aspiring option traders. The following videos are your user guides and will help you learn more about OptionApps and how to get the most out of it.

Anatomy of a Risk-Free Options Trade 

How To Create Watchlists

OptionApps Version 3.6 – (Released Oct. 5, 2017!)  Besides a performance boost and some bug fixes, you can now delete entire watchlists, save trades and compare 2 of them, show history for saved trades, see dividends being flagged on charts, and earnings flags on charts back to 2016, and more!

OptionApps Signing In 

OptionApps Get Started 

OptionApps Strategy Reports Part 1 

OptionApps Strategy Reports Part 2 

OptionApps How To Find Weeklys Trades 

OptionApps NavBar Navigation 

OptionApps Academic Summary 

OptionApps Forecast 

OptionApps Fundamentals Button 

OptionApps Charts and Chains Header 

OptionApps Price Chart 

OptionApps Volatility Chart 

OptionApps Volatility Skew History Chart 

OptionApps Volatility Term Structure

OptionApps Open Interest Chart 

OptionApps Option Volume Chart 

OptionApps Correlation Chart 

OptionApps Implied Borrow Rate Chart

OptionApps Probability Chart

OptionApps Negative Implied Borrow Rate Scan

OptionApps Turn Back Time

OptionApps Option Expirations

OptionApps Option Chain

OptionApps Fishback Option Value (“FOV”)

OptionApps Volatility Skew Side Chart

OptionApps TradeBuilder

OptionApps Select Options to Display

OptionApps Introduction Covered Call 

OptionApps Introduction Buy Call 

OptionApps Introduction Buy Put 

OptionApps Determine The Academic Rating of Any Stock

OptionApps Change the Way Options Strategies Are Ranked

OptionApps One Way to Select a Trade Based on Probability

OptionApps Expected Return Explanation

OptionApps How To Set Up Credit Spread

Premium Video Tutorials

OptionApps Premium Video Tutorials are instructional videos that give you step-by-step guidance on various option trading scenarios. These videos are only available to OptionApps Subscribers. If you are an OptionApps Subscriber, click the button below to access the Premium Video Tutorials.