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Pick the Right Strategy, Fast and Easy


It Takes Only 20 Seconds To Make Options Easy!

Of all the thousands of options out there, how do you pick the right one? Get the answer, fast and easy, with ODDS OptionApps “Strategy Monitors”.

As an options trader, you have one goal in mind: finding actionable trades. Yes, charts and scans and the ability to build trades are good. But what really separates good traders from everyone else is the ability to find actionable, high-quality trades fast and easy. And that’s exactly what ODDS OptionApps delivers, rock solid, every day.

Just select a strategy, and ODDS OptionApps will scan for actionable trades. That’s all there is to it.

You can refine your trade search using a vast array of different criteria. Scan for trades based on:

  • Probability

  • Expected Return

  • Volatility

  • Stock Price

  • Expiration Date

  • Breakeven

  • Percent to Double

  • Maximum Profit

  • And much, much More

Using ODDS OptionApps strategy features are extremely intuitive. From day one, you will know how to use the most advanced Options Analysis software yet. We reinvented everything, to make your options — and you — more capable.

Everything works in the background, so you won’t notice anything except how finding an option trade is suddenly so effortless.


It’s everything you love about options, made even easier … and more powerful.

Some people might ask, “Why would we create such an incredibly simple, strategy-finding tool when there are already option programs out there?”

Because it’s much more efficient to build new software that finds great trades than it is to teach millions of people how to use out-dated, inefficient and complicated software.

In other words, ODDS OptionApps is the perfect companion, because it does all the hard work other option programs require from you. Only ODDS OptionApps does it faster and easier … and smarter.

10-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!