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“What Don Has Put Together Is a Masterpiece!”

His hard work is amazing. You guys are great & are doing it right. This thing is brilliant! If I didn’t know any better I’d think he was an engineer. So analytical, it’s not funny. I deal with engineers for a living in my business, so Don is definitely an engineer. By going through this, it’s nothing short of an amazing feat.

I have a Phd in Cardiologist Pharmacology. What Don has put together is a masterpiece! AHA funded a great part of my Phd thesis. NIH and AHA funded my thesis on hypertension. I was published in American Journal of Hypertension, and the Journal of Hypertension. Tell him I praise his work that he has done, with OptionApps.

–Thomas E., ME

“I Now Have An Exit Plan From My Job!”


I downloaded it as a native app on my Galaxy phone, plus I use it on my desktop. What’s really neat is having access to it even on my wife’s Kindle. And it just flies! And I love that every day it gives you which calls, or spreads, or condors are the best trades.

OptionApps is extremely powerful. I just could not believe it & then when he upgraded to 2.0 and now gives daily trades. I just thought ‘oh, you have got to be kidding me!’.

Here’s some more good news. On my calls and my puts, based on long term up trend or long term down trend, I get his signals. Then what I found out is that Don Fishback is the volatility expert. So I said fine, how can I improve my entry signals using volatility. So what I did, and I found it by a fluke using OA when I first got OA, I ran a query comparing the 1 mo to the 3 mo volatility, on the query the very first stock on my report was DOG, the bearish SPY. So I saw that every single time I got a volatility spike on the chart for 1 mo/3 mo volatility, where it went up to a high level and started to fall back, the DOG (the inverse of the SPY) would fall. Wait a minute, if the DOG is falling, that means the SPY is going up. So I pulled up the SPY, and did the 1 mo/3 mo comparison and every time I got a volatility spike, that marked the bottom of the correction in the bull leg. So then, I said now I can trade SPY. A rising tide lifts all boats! And so I thought if it works on that does it work for the QQQQs and the DIA, and every time I got a volatility spike it signals the bottom of a correction.

Hmm, every signal is working. So then I thought how about individual stocks. So now every time I get a signal because the market is in a long term uptrend, I go to OA and pull up the stock and look at the 1-mo/3-mo and see if I have an option volatility spike, and every single one of those that had a volatility spike at the time that it hit the bottom – I put a call option on and it exploded!!

I USE OptionApps EVERY NIGHT!! Even if I get a signal and it looks like it’s a strong signal, if I don’t have the volatility spike on the 1-mo/3-mo OptionApps, I don’t do the trade and it would have been a loser if I did!

Me and 2 of my buddies are all doing this together and they are signing up for OA too.

Don is the “top of the rock”. You’ll never find anyone more ethical, or has more integrity than Don Fishback. And, you wouldn’t have gotten as much money out of me if it wasn’t true. You have to service your customers, and Don does it the best of all.

Finally, I always know that Don puts his money where his mouth is, and that Don hates to lose as much as I do.

Once I got the iron condors going, and the accuracy of my call trades with OA, I have an exit plan from my job and will not be working my regular job anymore. And it’s all because of Don and Chuck. I get the signal, but Don is my confirmation, and I can trust it. It’s synergy.

–Terry B., CO

“I love it. It works.”

That’s the main thing, it works. The trade history graph, it works. It’s so frickin’ easy to use, now that I know what I’m doing, it’s not that hard. You guys are selling it too cheap. If people get it and realize how powerful it is, they’ll be hooked.

CAP worked out great. The next day, it shot up. It all goes back to that trade history graph. When I could start seeing in hind sight how great this is, you can’t do all of this by hand. Fishback Option Value, are you kidding me? It’s great. I love the videos, and after going through them I didn’t even have any questions.

Now, I’m not into the app, as long as I can get it on my laptop, that’s what I use.

–Joe B., WA

“This Is Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For.”

Don’s software is the only place on earth that gives you the ability to scan on surface data. There’s a chart on the first page, when you go to charts, there’s a skew chart. It’s called 5% moneyness.

Wow! Nobody else has that! They have volatility skews, or what I call lateral skews where they compare the put & the call same strike price. But they don’t have more vertical. Oh, that’s great!

That’s wonderful. I mean I’ve been thinking, where do I find this, and I haven’t been able to find it, and that’s great. My son’s a programmer & I thought I can’t hire him to program what I want, but now you’ve already done it!

This sounds like this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s just fortuitous, I was going online & not able to find what I wanted and happened to blunder onto this. This is great. I’ve been a follower of yours for years. I watched your videos back in the 90’s, and the information you’ve supplied has been invaluable.

–Charles Z., NV

“I’m Totally Addicted To It.”

This is awesome! This is going to put you on the map! Gosh, Don, I don’t see anyone that knows what they’re talking about that has something like this. You know, we talked about that last month. It’s mind boggling. It’s awesome! That’s why people are like, what in the world is this OptionApps?! It’s because they’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m totally addicted to it.

I wish I had more time, as I’ve told Terri in your office, I’d get in trouble somewhere in my life because I’d be on OptionApps all the time!

I’m 43 yrs old & have been trading options for half my life now. I’ll be all over this this weekend. I even bought an IPad Mini with cell service, just so I can be on the app whenever I want!

–Bill S., MO

“I’ve Doubled My Money This Year!”

I really, really like this. Very educational. And I really like the Academic Algorithms, with the top calls and puts. This is perfect for me, cause I can then check it out with my other systems.

What I really like is that I know the basics of options, but OptionApps is nice with all of the question marks and things, so I want to congratulate you on this. I just need simple things, not overloaded, so with OptionApps I’ve doubled my money so far in the first 6 months using the Academic Algorithms. And, if the market finally makes up it’s mind, I could very well triple this year.

It’s really simple. I’ve been buying put options during this whole year when the market is going up. I was actually praying for something like this, I’m serious. I had another program where I had to run all kinds of charts and formulas, and it was such unnecessary work, and I know that OptionApps is helping me.

The Academic Algorithms is so simple. I’ve always liked Don stuff, and this is working very very well. Anyone would appreciate something like OptionApps, and how simple it is. I really like this program. I think it’s just fantastic, and am looking forward to using it, and just want to thank Don for creating it.

I’ve doubled my money this year!

–Steven D.

“I am 100% Successful In My Trades.”

In my first two months using Don’s methods, I am 100% successful in my trades, with profits over $3800 Using Option Apps.

I did 5/5 successful Put Credit Spreads, and using Odds High Accuracy Weekly I am 2/2 successful trades.

I have used a number of investing “systems” over the years (they were mostly unsuccessful). Don’s methods are rooted in Probability, therefore I know what my “ODDS” are before I even place the trade! And your staff is very patient and professional in answering my questions.

Thank you Don Fishback and Staff!

–Russ B., SC

“OptionApps Delivers That Fast and Easy.”

If there’s something in the way slowing people down, or driving them off-course, we need to get it out of the way. Traders want a clear path so that they can find what they want in the wide world of options and can trade it in confidence. OptionApps delivers that fast and easy.

— Bruce S., MI